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 .| Talking to Tristan

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Ian Lowry


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PostSubject: .| Talking to Tristan   20th February 2012, 9:48 am

After spending time with Justin alot since we were put in SET C and having him as a roomie. I have been able to get to know him a lot more than when we first met and kissed. He had told me about his former roomie and the kinda relationship they had for five minutes with Tristan. I wanted to make a point of speaking to Tristan for the sake of SET peace. Professor McKinley had just left the classroom with the students after a lesson. I walk to the back to talk to him as he got ready to leave.

Hey you got a minute?

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PostSubject: Re: .| Talking to Tristan   20th February 2012, 12:07 pm

I was putting my stuff in my bag as I looked at Ian who had asked me a question. I nod my head

Tristan Hall
Sure, what's up?

I smile at Ian, though curious as to what he wanted from me. We had never talked really, but I knew he was Mark's friend so he couldn't be that bad.
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.| Talking to Tristan
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