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 Tristan Hall

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PostSubject: Tristan Hall   11th June 2011, 9:07 am

Name: Tristan Hall
Birthday: 10/27
Age: 18
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Sexuality: Gay
Religion: N/A
Desired Job: Actor
Personailty: He's kind of shy but when you get him talking, he'll light up a room. As well, he's a tad outspoken at times, if he finds someone is being offensive to him or anyone else, he'll let them know.
Music: A little bit of everything
Movies: Comedies and Old Movies
Interests: Reading, Sports, Films
Hobbies: Writing, Horseback Riding, Tennis
Drive a Vehicle: No

Family: George and Mary (Grandparents) Mom deceased at birth, Father unknown
Partner: None

Tristan grew up without parents, instead being raised by his grandparents. They did their best with him but the age difference was hard so his nanny definitly filled in for them a lot. His grandparents are from what people call 'old' money, so Tristan grew up in that enviroment, but he was never the type to be a snob, in fact he hates most rich people. However, money allowed him to pursue solitary pursuits like horseback riding and tennis, stuff that just lets him depend on himself. He loves reading classic plays and books and would love to be an actor and he thinks he's pretty good, his teachers have seen him on tape but he's got one problem: stage fright.

Real Name: Matt H.
Face Using: Chandler Massey
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PostSubject: Re: Tristan Hall   12th June 2011, 4:55 am

Set A


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Tristan Hall
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