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 Elizabeth Metcalfe©

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Elizabeth Metcalfe


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PostSubject: Elizabeth Metcalfe©   9th January 2012, 1:08 pm

Name: Elizabeth Metcalfe (Beth to friends)
Birthday: 4th January 1992
Age: 20
Hometown: Anakand City, Anakand Island
Sexuality: Straight
Religion: None
Desired Job: Fashion Designer
Personailty: "Fashion Disaster"
Music: "Any music NOT played by my brother!"
Movies: "Anything watched AWAY from Kenny"
Interests: A lot of things.
Hobbies: Looking fantastic!
Drive a Vehicle: Yes

Family: Kenny Metcalfe (demon spawn)
Partner: Free and Actively Seeking!

Elizabeth Metcalfe (Beth to her friends) is a straight up girl who tells it exactly as its placed in front of her. If you look like the bottom end of a cab, then expect her to tell you. Any advice from Beth is goldust. ugghh her loser little brother brings the name down by being a brat and lower end of her families gene pool. He was given all the reject genes. Beth has left the iron on his favourite clothes so it leaves a big iron black mark, gave his hamster to the next doors cat and told all his friends that he still sleeps with his teddy bears.. ugghh hes a moron! "Anyway back to me.. I am kind, until you cross me and will get on with almost anybody." Don't be taken in by her powerful exterior, people are often intimidated by her fashion and how she is such a strong figure of a woman.

Real Name: Blake
Face Using: Katy Perry

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Frances Myers
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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Metcalfe©   17th January 2012, 12:44 am


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Elizabeth Metcalfe©
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