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 ©Kenny Metcalfe

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Kenny Metcalfe


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PostSubject: ©Kenny Metcalfe   9th January 2012, 12:46 pm

Name: Kenny Metcalfe
Birthday: 9th August 1993
Age: 18
Hometown: Anakand City, Anakand Island
Sexuality: Gay
Religion: None
Desired Job: Radio DJ
Personailty: Rough, Edgy, Deep, Caring, Loyal and Truthful
Music: Everything!
Movies: More into Music
Interests: Radio, Partys, Music, Food and Sports
Hobbies: DJ
Drive a Vehicle: Yes

Family: Elizabeth Metcalfe (sister)
Partner: None

Kenny has spent most, if not all of his life in trouble, arrested countless times and a record to boot. He has always been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and accused times of things he didn't do. He only does what he has to do. He has always been defensive of people because of his sexuality, using his fists to speak for his insecurity around it. He is glad of who he is, but sometimes hits out at people who do not have a problem with it, but Kenny thinks they do. He hates his sister Beth with a vindictive passion, she is a bitch to him and it was a horror to hear they had both been accepted into AVU on different courses. He once filled her car up with shampoo, put her makeup in the microwave and sold her underwear on eBay. She has done worse to him but its a constant back and forward game, However from time to time, its been shown that they can come together in unity.. but its rare. Both of them grew up when their parents were killed in a car pileup, with their aunt which has been assigned to their past behavior and growth into adults from people in suits called 'social workers' who talk shit.

Real Name: Blake
Face Using: Chad Michael Murray

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PostSubject: Re: ©Kenny Metcalfe   17th January 2012, 12:44 am


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©Kenny Metcalfe
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