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 Professor McKinley

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Professor McKinley


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Real Name : Chelsey

PostSubject: Professor McKinley   9th October 2011, 9:31 am

Name: Professor Minerva McKinley
Birthday: 1st June 1945
Age: 66
Hometown: Scotland, England
Sexuality: Straight
Religion: Catholic
Job: Professor
Personailty: Minerva is usually very serious and stern. She tolerates neither talking nor silliness from her pupils. She turns cold towards people who say or do things in front of her that is stupid, or if she thinks they are trying to be funny. Despite her stern demeanour, Minerva has a fun side. Minerva is not afraid of speaking her mind and has quite a sharp tongue sometimes. However, she usually maintains great emotional composure. She can be very warm, affectionate and supportive in times of great need.
Music: Opera, Classical music
Movies: She doesn't find pleasure in movies.
Interests: Mind stimulating exercises.
Hobbies: Minerva enjoys needlework, collecting articles in newspapers, watching tennis, and study of possible magic.
Drive a Vehicle: Yes

Family: (mother) Isobel McKinley (father) Robert McKinley
Partner: (husband) Malcolm McKinley

Minerva has studied all her life to become a professor in many subjects. She has worked at a magnitude of institutes across the world. Anakin Valley University with its rich history and castle style building has always caught her eye for possible employment. After gaining a reputation as a strict, yet approachable, honest and respected Teacher turned Professor and being friends with Edward McMahon for many years in his 12 as Headmaster of AVU. He would always say: "when a place became available she could have first application" That day arrived and Minerva has finally become a Professor at AVU and hopes to lead SET C to their chosen careers, making SET C the best SET in the castle. Minerva also hopes to study in more depth the ever famous Dom3 and hopes the many teachers and professors can aid her study. Minerva is always seen in black robes and somtimes black hat, her teaching style is unique. She holds a wand to aid her studies, to point out details on the board and portray her point more clearly. It has sometimes been used to strike a student on the head if one was talking or not paying attention.

Real Name: Chelsey
Face Using: Maggie Smith

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Professor McKinley
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