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 Calvin Shephard

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PostSubject: Calvin Shephard   11th June 2011, 10:24 pm

Name: Calvin Shephard
Birthday: April 24th
Age: 18
Hometown: New Anakand City
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Religion: None
Desired Job: Soccer Star, Basket Ball Player, Gymnast or Athletic Runner.
Personailty: Anything Goes, Party Hard
Music: Rock, Metal
Movies: Whatevers on & hold his interest
Interests: Lots of stuff
Hobbies: Anything Athletic, Gynmastics, Keeping fit, Modelling
Drive a Vehicle: Nope

Family: Joyce (Mother) Tom (Father) Ryan (Brother)
Partner: None

Despite being close with his family, Calvin always found himself arguing with Ryan being typical lads. Even though he won't let on, Calvin does actually look up to his brother a lot and wants to be like him in a lot of way. Calvin does have quite a short temper so is easily angered but isn't physically violent unless provoked. Like Ryan, Calvin wants to be involved in sports, but is just as willing to get into Athletics, being a very fast runner and a good gymnast. He is at AVU to find out which direction he is finally going to take.

Real Name: Matt
Face Using: Justin Timberlake

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Calvin Shephard
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