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 --Alex Cross

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PostSubject: --Alex Cross   21st April 2011, 2:38 am

Birthday: 12/16/1990
Age: 20
Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Sexuality: Gay
Religion: Agnostic
Desired Job: Journalist or Therpist
Personailty: Very Calm yet serious, always there for a friend, always willing to listen when someone needs it. Very protective of those he cares about. Also when wronged, will respond in not the best way.
Music: Eccentric, likes a little bit of everything but more modern than old
Movies: Doesn't go to the movies that often
Interests: Reading, Writing, Acting
Hobbies: reading and performing poetry, writing short stories and news articles
Drive a Vehicle: Yes (Red Scooter)

Family: Karen & Virgil Cross (Mom & Dad)
Partner: N/A

Alex is from the States and is finally getting to school after taking two years off for health concerns and just to relax a little bit. He doesn't come from a ton of money so he has pretty basic stuff, except for things he's saved up for himself like his Scooter and his laptop. He doesn't really go looking for people, they tend to come to him. Usually because people feel calmer around him, makes it easier to open up to him. He loves to write and hopes to make a career out of it.

Real Name: Matt H.
Face Using: Justin Hartley
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Sandra Davies

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Real Name : Sally
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Friends :
Ruby Ashdown
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Garrison Wright
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PostSubject: Re: --Alex Cross   21st April 2011, 3:12 am

Set A


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--Alex Cross
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