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 || Still Stuttering

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PostSubject: || Still Stuttering   23rd February 2012, 10:45 am

I push my books into my bag, quickly throwing it over my shoulder. I lower my head as I brush passed some of the Set A students leaving the class. Jess had taken off pretty quick and I had no hope of catching her. I sigh, feeling really on edge now that my sister had suddenly shut me out.

|| Hayden |
"Sorry I ..."

I stumble back for a second, apologizing for rushing into the side of someone. I semi smile, seeing Eli in front of me. Despite Eli being a really good friend, I still found myself to be a little nervous around him just because of the way he was.

|| Hayden |
"Eli ... sorry. I just ... yeah. It's Jess and she's just .... I wasn't looking. So Troy's not here but, he will be soon. Are you ok?"
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|| Still Stuttering
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