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 ][Naked Ambition][

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PostSubject: Re: ][Naked Ambition][   15th February 2012, 10:39 am

. I close my eyes, taken back by the moment but letting my lips meet with Leon's. I keep my lips pressed to his, with all sorts of emotions running through my head.

:: Spence :: "Leon I ..."

. I look at him, wondering why he'd kissed me. I never got the impression that he liked me in that sense, so chances were he had probably just kissed me in the moment and because he was upset.

:: Spence :: " ... "

. For a second, it seemed like my words had left me. My feelings towards Leon circled in my mind. My head was telling me no, it would just mess us both up more if I kissed him again. The 'thing' in my boxers that was between us was saying yes, I seemed to like the fact he'd kissed me. As for my heart ...
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Leon Ryder


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PostSubject: Re: ][Naked Ambition][   15th February 2012, 10:49 am

][Leon Ryder][
' ...and there i go again. '

-'] I couldn't look at him in the eyes but something was really going on with my emotions because i liked the kiss. I once again made myself look stupid, piece by piece, everything was falling apart and i was giving it a helping hand without using my brain beforehand. I look at him.

][Leon Ryder][
'Happy Valentine's Day... Spence. '

-'] I made the excuse of that was the reason when it fact it wasn't. I couldn't think of anything during that kiss.. only how i wished it wasn't so short. I quickly walk out of my dorm room and hurry along the corridor. Yay.. had managed to alienate my best friend who i knew was going through a breakup like me...what next? I get ran over?

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PostSubject: Re: ][Naked Ambition][   15th February 2012, 10:58 am

. I grit my teeth and let out a angry groan. I headbutt the door hard, letting my forehead just hit against it then rest there.

:: Spence :: "FUCK!"

. I spin around, pushing my back up against the door. I look across the room, letting my eyeline gaze under my bed at the suitcase underneath. Losing Scott, getting him back then losing him again. Not being able to let go of him, sleeping with Ian to try and get over Scott, getting into fights most nights to try and lose myself and get rid of any feelings in my body, meeting the guy that had taken on Scott's appearance, wondering how to deal with that, and now kissing Leon. Right now, leaving Anakand Island was looking like a pretty good idea.
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PostSubject: Re: ][Naked Ambition][   

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][Naked Ambition][
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