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 Romero Valiente

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PostSubject: Romero Valiente   17th January 2012, 11:39 am

Name: Romero Valiente
Birthday: 16/04/1991
Age: 20
Hometown: Rome, Italy
Sexuality: Open Minded
Religion: None
Desired Job: Professional Model
Personality: Fun, Seductive and Hard-Working
Music: Pop/R 'N B & Country
Movies: Action and Comedy
Interests: Socializing, Gym, Modelling and Cooking.
Hobbies: Gym, Modelling, Cooking, Socializing.
Drive a Vehicle: No

Family: Lorenzo (Father), Andrew (Adoptive-Uncle).
Partner: None

Romero was born and raised in Rome, Italy until the age of 3; when his father moved to the states after Romero's mother died tragically in a car accident a year before. Romero's father started up his own restaurant in the city of New York and has had great success. Romero and his father return to Italy at least every two months to visit the family. Early on Romero's father: Lorenzo fell in-love unexpectedly with a man named Andrew Parker in his first two years in the states; who returned that love also and helped raise Romero. Romero, Lorenzo and Andrew continued to live in America until four years ago, when Lorenzo moved his family back to Italy to take over his father's business following his father's sudden illness forcing Lorenzo to leave his restaurant in the hands of his older brother who was living in the states and checks in with him often. Romero's grandfather died just over a year ago; after losing a tough battle with cancer. Romero maintains his rather strong Italian accent, but can speak fluent English. Romero is confident in both his body and in himself and after finally receiving his father's approval to study away from Italy he hopes AVU can help him reach his goals. Romero has done a few small-time modelling jobs and is an excellent chef thanks to his father's genes and training knowing he has that to fall back on, if he needed it.

Real Name: Kai
Face Using: Emanuele Fiore
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Romero Valiente
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