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Scott Hughes


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PostSubject: @ New Room   7th January 2012, 11:25 am

Scott walks into Aaron's dorm room.

Scott Hughes
Thank you so much for this, Aaron.

He puts his cases down completely drained of all energy and emotion. Kate had convinced Aaron to allow him to share with her boyfriend for a while, until the dust had settled. Scott wanted to get his head cleared and he knew the best way was to surround himself with friends. He takes off his jacket and shoes followed by his socks, sitting on a bed which was unmade.

Scott Hughes
I did call AVA but she was denied for the rule of no male/famale in same room after dark. I owe you big time. I just need a place to lay low for a while and ... get my shit together.

He nods to Aaron very appreciative of his and Kate's friendship.

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