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 Back Where It Began

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PostSubject: Back Where It Began   21st December 2011, 1:49 am

I had left AVU after being told I was suspended until January 2012. I had made my way to the airport, thinking I'd go home and stay there, that way I could be around positive forces heading into the next X-Factor. But when I got to the airport, I saw flights were being delayed and canceled. It gave me time to think as well as gave me some time to make some phone calls. I called home and asked them for the best advice they could give me and they said running away wouldn't do me any good. I needed to stay and after some funds were wired to me, I got an apartment on the island. That's when it all happened....

The island was suddenly under siege and people were being told to follow or die. I didn't want to die but I was not going to follow someone blindly, blind faith hadn't done me any good so far in my life. So I grabbed what I felt were my essencials, stuffed them into my backpack and went underground, not literally of course. I went into hiding and yes, there were some definite close calls. I kept my ear to the ground and basically all signs pointed to AVU being the safest place on the island. As much as I was hesitant to go back, I knew I had to. I was not going to last too much longer on the outside and I was hungry.

So, I made my way back in and instead of following people to the Great Hall where people were being said to meet to be informed of what was going on, I went back to the only place that made me feel safe and somewhat sane. I went back to the Set A Dorms, specifically the room that I knew originally belonged to Troy and I. Walking through the empty halls, I could see the destruction as I then walked into the room and took a deep breath as I looked around.

-Alex Cross-
Only feels appropriate to come back where it all began if it's going to end.

I walked around the room, feeling in some spots where I had spent hours pacing, talking to myself as I had been known to do. I walked towards the window and looked out it as I shook my head, I felt so confused, so lost, so alone. A tear rolled down my cheek, the destruction and death was taking a toll out there. And I had to admit it, I was scared to find out what things would be like for me when I worked up the nerve to go see the others.
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Back Where It Began
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