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 Rose Petals

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PostSubject: Rose Petals   9th December 2011, 11:11 am

Ava was holding two cups of tea from the cafeteria. She stands at the door of Kate's former dorm room.

I knew what happened.. having strange visions myself. I am not letting you off that easy Kate. I want.. I don't know what I want.

Ava hands a cup to her, sitting on a bed.

I made sure to get you a holder.. as you have a habit of dropping them. I wish... he would have given me a chance to take everything in. Aaron laid everything on me, throwing broken pieces of plate onto the floor is not going to help mend it. I was so angry at him for making me remember.. seeing him again recently has made me remember how .. it wasn't his fault either. I may never get the chance now to ever put my past to rest. The future is all we have.

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Kate Rose


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PostSubject: Re: Rose Petals   23rd December 2011, 8:43 am

Kate Rose..: He gave you enough of a chance Ava, it was your fame that got in the way of you both making any more progress. He is your brother, Ava.

Kate puts the cup of tea down and sits on the bed opposite.

Kate Rose..: I don't want to fight with you. I have had months to go over what happened, and came to the conclusion that nobody and both of you are to blame. Aaron, for not giving you any time and being obsessed and you for ignoring it and keeping your barriers up. I have lost my best friend and to hear that he is one of the reasons.. all that outside is happening, why Scott is gone and why people are dying around me. I have had enough of all of it. I have some kind of connection with that monster..

Kate stands up, walking over to the window and looking out.

Kate Rose..: I saw three things in my vision while he spoke to me.. i think they are the key to us defeating him and ending this.

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Rose Petals
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