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PostSubject: _faith   29th November 2011, 6:53 am

I returned to my dorm opening the door slowly. Everything was still intact; thankfully. But the only thing missing was Tyler and he was seen following Scott. I sniffed a little; as I groaned a bit feeling the sharp pains escalating through my face. Spence was a cage fighter all right and boy could that guy punch. I closed the door behind me and just looked around placing my coat around the back of the chair in front of my desk. I slowly headed into the kitchen opening one of the cupboard doors pulling out the mini-first aid kit that everyone had in their dorms. I placed it on the work-top right in front of me and closed the cupboard door. I opened the kit and removed some of cotton wool; disinfectant and some plasters. 10 minutes, I was cleaned up with a plaster above my eyebrow that covered the large cut underneath, but my face still throbbed a bit. I changed out of my wet clothes leaving me in just my boxer shorts. I dried myself off and quickly removed my boxers and put my pyjama pants on. I remained shirtless; as I sat down on the edge of my bed looking directly a Tyler's bed with my towel now around my neck. I just stared at it for a few minutes and then quietly said to myself..

Jecht Carson:
"..Tyler...Nadine...Eli...I'll get you guys back; I promise. I don't know how; but I will. Even, if I have to do it by myself! I'll save you!"

I looked down at the floor slowly feeling all kinds of different emotions right now. Anger; sadness, hatred and even more so...revenge.

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